Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wigfashion, and why you should buy from them.

I don't think I'm dedicating this blog solely to reviewing anything, mostly because I suck at being interesting and am horrendously biased. But I haven't posted much lately so here's another review that might be helpful.

Next to my Cyperous wig my Lal Mirch from Katekyo Hitman Reborn wig is my absolute favorite. I mean, look at this shit, it's glorious. And for only $27 it is one of the better cosplay purchases I've ever made. God bless wigfashion

The wig itself is really high quality for what I paid for, it's not horrendously shiny and actually has a nice matte-sheen to it like natural hair

Quality: Not heat resistant but heavenly smooth and extremely manageable. Even after a day of wear it takes less than ten minutes to detangle. The style doesn't budge a bit even if it's been sitting in a bag for weeks on end, though I do keep it on a wig head at home now. I didn't need any hairspray and barely had to trim the bangs for this wig.

Thickness: Nothing spectacular but it's the styling that gives this wig body, it's about medium thickness and I never had a problem with wefts or a wig cap peeking out.

Shipping: Shipping is what you can expect from China, but the total cost when I bought this a year and a half ago it arrived in about 2 weeks-ish.

I also purchased a blonde version of this wig a few months later (it doesn't seem to be listed on their ebay anymore) I was a little disappointed in it if only because the wig had a few flyaways that may have just been damage from the shipping. The fibers didn't feel as smooth as my Lal wig but still very nice and good for the price I paid.

First picture is indoors, no flash on a Nikon Coolpix.

Indoors, itty bitty hotel room w/ Flash. On a point and shoot.

Photobucket won't let me crop picture atm so enjoy this huge-ass picture of me and my frannns.
No flash, indoors. A really really sweet D-SLR.

Hope this helps~ <3


  1. nice that is a great looking wig for the price! and I love your cosplay :D

  2. In really like the matte finish. :D

  3. Looks pretty good for such a good price!

  4. I've only ever hit up the local costume and dance shop for cosplay wigs - always limited on what I can get there.

    It makes you learn altering techniques, though!

    I just hate shopping online is all. Does this site have any complaints about ordering?

  5. @Craig, I believe every wig store on eBay has a few negative complaints but wigfashion's is overwhelmingly positive. But shipping from China means there always tends to be a few lost packages... If I could find the wigs I needed at our local shops I'd totally buy there, I hate ordering and getting the wrong color but such is cosplay :'(

  6. Definitely checking it out! I feel that nice matte wigs are so hard to find, and yours looks so pretty for the price :D

  7. Thanks for the review! The price of those wigs are pretty good :D I'm bookmarking this so I can ogle some of the natural coloured wigs XD

  8. /bookmark

    The wig color looks sooo good, I'm used to seeing shiney wigs but you're always posting great ones @_@ Awesome KHR group btw!

  9. Thanks a million! I'm in the market for a "Lust" wig and need some reviews for eBay stores, since around here they don't have what I need.

  10. I love Lal Mirch! She's the best female from that series (aside from Chrome, but that's another story).

    Actually, which wig company do you recommend the most? I'm still keeping an eye out for other choices for the Nia wig.

  11. Kewl story, bro! waiting for updates from you

  12. It looks fantastic!!!!!!Thank you for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!