Sunday, November 14, 2010

How I met Andrew Jenks

Ohmygod it's been awhile, I go to an art school and Finals means absolutely no time. Between Pokemon League and homework I'm just swamped (and losing followers! No come back I can change!)

Despite being ridiculously busy I did make time to hit up a panel run by an alumni who works on the show World of Jenks, one of my favorites. As a college freshman I sometimes feel incredibly lonely sometimes and the first few weeks I spent a lot of time in my dorm. One night when my roommate was out I just felt a big cry come on, and as soon as I did this show came on. It was the Chad episode, which I've seen at least a dozen times but it really cheered me up and reminded me how many good and interesting people there are out there.

Aside from that mush, so alumni (I'm hesitant to post his name, sorry :( watch the credits!) comes and gives a presentation on how he went from being a Film student to working for MTV. We got to see a lot of production stills and posters from the show and he told us some great stories about working on the show and behind-the-scenes things that just made me giggle. My roommates spilled the beans about halfway through that I was a h-u-g-e fan and after the panel he turned to me and said "Well do you want to talk to him?"

I'm delighted and horrified my roommate Jenn (Everyday Acrophony) recorded a video of this. My IQ took a sudden drop in points as he handed the phone to me, and in between babbling and excitment I asked him to come speak at our school and that I loved his show, etc. etc. Of course all these people around me just had to start screaming so I had a harder time hearing what he said back to me :( However Jenks sounds exactly like he does on TV as he does on the phone, after a minute or so I said by and handed it back to our presenter, totally embarrassed. It's one of those really exciting moments where I wish I could have said something cool, but it was really sweet of him to take the time to talk to some giggling fan.

And that is my celebrity encounter, they're unsure right now if World of Jenks will have a second season since it all depends on ratings. It's no Jersey Shore but it'd mean a lot to me if everyone just checked it out, it really makes my week every Monday and I hope if a second season does happen Jenks will speak at my school.

In closing, World of Jenks is on Mondays @ 10 EST and usually the re-runs air on non prime-time hours (since it isn't the Jersey Shore). The Monday I talked to Jenks we ran back to our dorm to catch the V.V. Brown episode and I've been listening to this song nonstop:

In news other than my obsession with reality TV, trying to score Star Night Theater since it seems everyone's unloading it right about now...


  1. Oooh that's really cool :D Good luck with SNT!

  2. Are you going to be able to go to cons??? Cus I do like the videos you made :3.

  3. @peppermeek oh my gosh how did you find those? They're so embarrassing /// But yes, I should be able to go to cons more regularly starting next year. I'll be at Katsucon and Otakon definitely!

  4. ^I'm curious as to what videos peppermeek's talking about... lol

    This post is SO AWESOME you got to meet a celebrity you like! I don't have MTV but I'll hunt down the show online!

    Also, it's pretty cool that Jenn is your roommate, I never realized you were the "Elie" she drew in her group of friends XD

  5. @Butters haha, I make video blogs for cons on youtube. Perhaps that'll be my next post.

    Haha yeah, she describes me as ridiculously cute so people are like 'ew no way you're her.'

  6. Not even LOL. I guess it might be because I keep picturing you as White (like in your profile pic) haha

  7. woooow that would be an amazing experience! sorry to hear about being lonely, it kinda happens to me, but I'm not as far from PA as you are from VA

    *Katryna sends virtual support!*

    well if you need another show to watch, "Misfits" (UK series) is really addicting, and so is the music on it :>

  8. aw you sounded so cute, hahah. I get giggly too when I talk to celebrities. I love humble and down-to-earth, nice celebrities :]

  9. I was literally addicted to this song for a few weeks....

  10. great post! i like it!
    supportin& following!

  11. I've never heard of this... that's what happens when you don't watch TV for a few years, I guess - you miss out on good shows.