Monday, February 21, 2011

Katsucon 2011!

Back in 2005 my first convention ever was Katsucon, I asked my mom to take me and my friends for my 13th birthday and had a horrible time. My mom helped me put together a Sasuke costume out of a walmart shirt, shorts and black hairspray (I am naturally beach blonde), and the other cosplayers weren't quiet about how bad I looked. I cried to my parents that night about how mean everyone was and what a terrible way to kick off my 'teenage' years. I rejected cons and confined my nerdiness to internet and living vicariously through Gaia Barton Town.

Years later I attended again as Lenalee from D. Gray Man with my natural hair (tooooo short) and an eBay costume and had a pretty good time. The following year I met my friends Aiden, Frog, and Zippy where I was inspired to be a ~sugoi~ cosplayer like them. I took some sewing classes (I still suck) and here I am today in 2011! Whoooooa. So anyways, Katsucon the past few years has always been terrible for me, it always ends in drama yet I can't seem to stay away.

This year was HawkwardCon more than anything, between an ex-boyfriend (who clearly did not want anything to do with me) and some people who have issues with my roommate I was pretty scarce. Despite all that I really had a fantastic time, I won't be home for spring break so it was nice to spend a lot of time with my family and some friends I haven't seen since 2009!
Now onto pictures~

Attended the Vocaloid shoot for about 10 seconds until scrambling to change and go shopping with mom ;;
My friends all cosplayed Homestuck (the group was even bigger than this) My favorite is the one in the polka-dot pants, he ran into another of his pola dot brethren and they honked at eachother and jumped around.

Slightly closer-up shot of my Matryoshka Miku without the gloves (too tired by this point...) I took a few pictures with my roomie and her brother but I don't think we'll get them back for a bit!
First time in lolita! AP skirt, Secret Shop shoes, Chocomint bow and everything else is off-brand. Cake purse is horribly clashing but I'm still new and it was 10 at night ;;; Accurate description of myself: Tweeting about trolls engaged in heated debates.

More soon, I have some con stories but not a whole lot pictures and the fact that its past midnight makes me really not want to drag this post out! ;;;

Oh, January 29 was my birthday! I meant to write a post about it but... didn't. Oops! Maybe I'll just have a time machine post at some point. ;;