Monday, December 6, 2010

This blog is Suteki

I'm rather new to lolita, so rather than kind of 'eh' my outfit together and go wander around DC alone I just stayed in for ILD... and installed a new closet. Woo, power drill in frills would have been a sight.

After I had installed a closet to put all my new lolita things in, I celebrated by making a Poupeegirl!

Like all my social networks (and I imagine many of yours), this will grow dust and become inactive like my Gaia and Neopets. However we keep signing up for these sites anyways, where we forget the passwords and wonder why we wasted so many hours on it in the first place.

I really just wanted an excuse to title this entry SUTEKI. Hello followers, you are all SUTEKI and every time you comment it makes me feel SUGOI. So ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU, I appreciate it and read them all and feel URESHII.

Since we're on the subject of social networks, I also have a tumblr, twitter and youtube. All of which I tend to neglect, tumblr was my most recent victim where I had stopped updating for a good month and a half. I got back into the swing of things but after a month I couldn't remember what I had posted, so clicked my profile and-

Sometimes I wish I was a ~deep, poetry writing 15 year old~ instead of an 18 year old manchild.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The most wonderful time of retail

I've returned to good old Washington DC and I didn't miss the politics and suits one bit.

To things that might be relevant to you, it's been a week since one of my favorite days, Black Friday! Somehow in all my years of high school jobs I never once got stuck working Black Friday, and boy did all my co-workers hate me. This year I took my best friend and mom out to our local mall, Best Buy, the normal places you hit for Black Friday. I clip coupons days before and am wary to check up on the rip offs and the actual good deals to get as much free stuff for as little as possible. If you have to spend $50 at XX store to get XX free item, I will always find a way to spend $50.01

As a brand lover and penny pincher I'm on the hunt year round so Black Friday is just a play date for me out of the other 365. As a cosplayer I'm not afraid to shop online and feel I'm a pro at it by now, so if you're fearless as well then keep reading.

My favorite online store for discount brand is
, while the selection is a bit weak right now I've been able to purchase Urban Decay, Juicy Couture, Alterna, Voom, and Betsey Johnson from this site for ridiculously cheap.

For cosplay wigs I've recently discovered that TaoBao has 99% of the same wigs on eBay except MUCH cheaper. Fantasy Sheep has a shop my roommate recently purchase a Stocking wig from, $19 WHY DIDN'T I KNOW SOONER.

Last thing I recommend, for real. I adore makeup but I shop almost exclusively from Ulta, which is essentially Sephora with haircare and a salon built it. They have the same products but a kick ass rewards card/program, if you're on drag-queen level makeup you can earn enough points to even have hair treatments done. For free, no shit. For the rest of us, just a few small purchases will bump you up to $4 off every purchase even if it's a clearance item (I shop their haircare clearance obsessively). And from there the points build up till you get better rewards every visit, love it!

Sorry I'm a little long winded, still rolling in fresh new free things and I can't quite contain myself. Hope everyone is having a happy holiday so far! <3