Thursday, October 21, 2010

What 40k a year buys you at art school:

  1. Fancy bus system, even shopping buses on the weekend for those of us without cars.
  2. Dorms with AC/Heating systems
  3. Exquisite dining facilities, occasional food poisoning may occur.
  4. Oh you have a parking sticker? Well let me give you this ticket anyway.
  5. 40k/yo buys you the word 'Monochromatic Gray', aka 'Brown'
And we still have to pay to use the washers and dryers too


  1. I can see why someone would say, "I are disappoint." i go to a beauty "college" and they provide us with a gravel pit called a parking lot. that place is insanely ghetto but its the only place close to go to school.

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