Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vanille wig review/ramble. Rambview

So something a bit more helpful for you cosplayers out there instead of just .gifs and Daniel Radcliffe's goodies. This is actually what I meant to post yesterday.

I bought a wig!!! But Elie, that's not helpful at all. Shut up slore, I'm getting to it.

It's not like I don't out a shelf full of these things but I ended up buying this wig from a seller a lot of my friends have really been on the fence about purchasing from. This is tokyo_frontier's Vanille wig from Final Fantasy XIII, and it is fierce.

I spent a good 45 minutes this June sitting on my hands not sure if I should purchase from this seller or not. At the time there was a limited amount of Vanille wigs and some of the really top notch ones were selling for close to $70! Excuse me, does that wig de-tangle itself? No? Well then, fuck you.

While they didn't have many reviews I bit the bullet and bought it, and it paid off because I love this wig like my own. The color is perfect, and I barely have to style it because those piggytails are just darling (maybe a little hairspray to preserve them). Bangs came long so I can cut them unlike ayanamisatoru who pre-cut my Ranka wig which just barely fits :(

The only downside to this wig is that it fits a little tight simply because of the styling, so if you have an extra large head this might not be for you. Hair will need to really be secure down as tight and flat as possible, some bobby pins never hurt either.

The first picture is in fluorescent light, no flash.
Natural light, flash.
Natural light, no flash.


  1. Wow it looks GORGEOUS esp in the natural light. I'm glad it worked out for you, wigs are one of the most nerve wracking purchases for me

  2. I'm glad it ended up being a good purchase. I'm still wary of that shop, though, since they have a few stolen pictures.

  3. @Larissa, yeah that's what totally kept me hanging around before committing to buy it. I lost a lot of sleep until I actually held the wig in my hands, but yeah I would still be nervous about buying until they have more positive feedback.

  4. I have the same problem with wigs! I have hair down to my butt so tucking that crap in is a pain and it makes my head look gigantic under the wig -_-

    Cute wig though :3 the peachy color really suits you!

  5. Ooo nice wig! Alex says you're pretty (which prompted me to punch him cuz I get jealous like that :P)

  6. Haha! The pigtails make it look like a BJD wig.

    It looks shinier in the natural light pics than the flash one, which is weird, though.

  7. The wig looks good on you.

    You'll be moé when you have entire outfit on.

  8. You look ridiculously pretty with just the wig on.
    The moe meter will explode once you have the entire outfit. :)

  9. Damn dude, that wig is legit. Flash makes it look so perfect, which is kind of weird, but I guess the makers must have had cosplay and cosplayer photographers in mind while making the wig. Also, you're really pretty and the color suits you!

    Also, LOL@stolen pictures.

  10. Aww, that is so cute!