Monday, January 17, 2011

Cosplay Karma

My least favorite part of working really really hard on a costume is that when you do, there will never be good pictures of it.

Exhibit A

We recently had a small convention for all the nerd clubs at our college, considering it's art school we have quite the community. Though for an art school there was very little art, the artists alley was barely ten tables with another fifteen vacant, and most of it was Pokemon or porn.

There were a few attendees that were not from our school but for the most part it was people I run into occasionally on campus. The con was split between three buildings when it could have easily been held in one, blah blah blah.

Writing this to write my creeper encounter, and because I haven't updated in forever. Sorry guys :'( I read all your blogs, I really do even if I don't comment!

So my tale begins at the 'cosplay meetup' at the large club building where I didn't know anybody. A girl from back home blatantly ignored me (though she was at my Christmas party and everything this year :/) so I was stuck talking to this cute shy Ranka for a while. Ran out of convo and proceeded to the free food table to eat my feelings while people milled about screaming memes at each other.

This guy walks up, tall with black hair and proceeds to lose his shit over my Haine costume, and I was like 'cool, people know my obscure shoujo cosplay'. We talked for a bit before he began yelling spoilers at me, fantastic. I was a little low on cash during break but had the fabric and wig to pump it out, I'm pretty close to the end of the series but not to the end yet.

Head back to the food table, I have a lot of feelings.

Enter the cosplay contest because the club president was also a fan of the series and she was... adorable so I signed up. A rather gender neutral Lulu wins and as she/he/what bows to the crowd I catch a glimpse of a carpet of back hair. Like- there was no skin.

Later I catch up with friends (as seen in picture above) as they enter a figure painting contest. Losinghisshit-bro comes over and starts telling his friends about me, which is flattering but the way he was talking I felt like an animal in a zoo. Laugh it off, guy leaves. The contest is long so I sit back to enjoy some Batman when suddenly I hear 'Excuse me miss?' and I turn around. CLICK, picture.

I'm not very photogenic so I absolutely hate it when con goers take pictures without permission. I'm happy to pose in cosplay for as long as someone wants, just... ask me first, I feel it's just good etiquette. I look pretty pissed and he apologizes for 'being creepy' and I just sort of nod and say yeah. He snaps another picture (B[) and runs back to the cosplayers upstairs.

Not the worst thing ever, I know of worse con creeper stories but I will be mucho upset if those pictures show up on facebook. So blogger, tell me your creepiest/craziest/most entertaining con story ever.


  1. Not really that bad at all. And getting good pictures is easy just ask.

    I don't get that shouting spoilers type stuff. Which is usually while acting like the person is the character - but not in a cool RP-ish way. Like random "omg, why did you kill your brother? I hate you for that" type stuff.

    Though I don't know that the picture is a big deal. It's probably lame, but it's not likely to get much notice from the world. And you seem reasonably photogenic to me.

    Most awkward story for me is some girl grabbing at my balls. Next most awkward, but not really problematic was a girl asking to take a picture of my butt. Some other girl was suggesting I should see her naked. (Kinda wondering if I should have played along with her a bit longer.)

  2. Yeah it really wasn't bad at all compared to some of the creeper moments I had wearing Yoko. Just first world problems honestly, none of it was a big deal I was just like 'lol hop off my nuts bro'.

    I feel like you told me the story about the girl and your balls before but I don't remember. AND SERIOUSLY BRO, you had a girl offering to get naked? HOP ON THAT

  3. Okay, Lulu with BACK HAIR?

    And the guy is batshit. Some people have no idea on how to be socially adequate -_-

  4. I haven't been to any cons so I don't have any stories. I would be upset if a person suddenly took my picture too. They took the time to get your attention, it would only take another second or two to ask for your permission.

  5. >people milled about screaming memes at each other

    baaah I always kind of bugged me when people would do that, even though it's a it more understandable at cons (still bugs me though).

  6. Yeah, the picture thing is annoying. Ask me so I can pose. You get a good picture, and I'm not annoyed. Win-win situation.

  7. I know my sister had a problem with a suprise attack photographers. While it is extremely rude, it really teaches a serious cosplayer to be on gaurd the whole time. Which can be more tiring than it should be. v_v

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